Blue Zone Ohana Organics, LLC was created from an intuitive and intrinsic passion for organic, sustainable healing to take place from within. I am a firm believer, that given half a chance, our bodies WANT to heal and “being your own healer” should be a paramount priority in each and everyone’s lives, including our animal companions. A healthy mind (Shen) and a healthy body (Jin) will lead to healthy energy (Qi or Chi). I compassionately desire to share this with all of you through natural plant cannabinoid medicine and holistic nutritional guidance for whole mind body soul wellness, so we all may truly LIVE, not just exist.

Thank you for being here and be well,

Jennifer Brook, CINHC AADP

Owner and Founder of Blue Zone Ohana Organics, LLC, Jennifer Brook is a holistic health practitioner, with board certifications in integrative holistic nutrition and functional wellness. She is also a veteran, serving honorably for 8 years in the United States Navy before a significant back and nerve injury sidelined her while on active duty. While science and functional medicine has always held both her curiosity and passion, it was this injury and the subsequent daily chronic pain and fatigue, and then when her two children became chronically and systemically ill, that she dove deeper than ever into these fields on a personal mission to heal herself and her children, where mainstream medicine was often failing them. Through organic, whole plant-based foods and targeted biomedical protocols, to include whole plant hemp CBD oil, she and her children have made extraordinary progress and continue to do so. With this same strong commitment and natural calling, she continues to mentor and educate individuals and families wishing to heal from within – pain, disorder, ailment, or disease, using full spectrum whole plant hemp CBD oil and cannabinoid therapy, biomedical interventions, and whole food nutrient dense dietary approaches.

Jennifer Brook currently lives in North Carolina with her two beautiful children, two cats, three fish, and two snails. They enjoy the outdoors, ocean healing, travel, animals, love, and laughter.